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Managing Your Business

In 2012, the State of Michigan ruled that all Professional Employer Organizations must be licensed and meet strict requirements in financial controls and reporting. What do business owners need to know about PEO's

Telling the Cranbrook Story

The Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research reveals the Cranbrook story and offers intellectual and experiential engagement with its legacy. By sustaining and interpreting the community’s unparalleled landscape, architecture, collections, and archives, the Center provides memorable educational experiences and meaningful research opportunities for regional, national, and international audiences.

Transforming Lives

Life Remodeled exists to bridge people across divides in order to help transform each other’s lives– investing approximately $5 million in cash, labor and materials into one Detroitneighborhood each year. Projects are determined by the community’s needs and vision. Life Remodeled partners assist in three areas: Remodeling a community asset, repairing owner-occupied homes, and mobilizing 10,000 volunteers to beautify 300 city blocks in six days.Every phase is about people transformation, those served and those who are serving.

Developing Women Leaders

In 1986, Mary Jo Pulte gathered a group of prominent Michigan women to discuss philanthropy and the serious inequities in charitable giving to women’s programs. At that time, only 3% of philanthropic dollars supported programs specifically for women and girls in the United States. Women were underrepresented in philanthropy, uneducated in financial matters and disinclined to exercise control over assets. The 30 women Mary Jo brought together founded Michigan Women’s Foundation, the only public, statewide foundation specifically devoted to the economic self-sufficiency and personal well-being of the state's women and girls. The Foundation has granted funds and counsel to more than 500 organizations providing exceptional programs and services for women and girls.
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