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Kim O'Malley - Forest Preserves of Winnebago County


Sep 24, 2018

The Forest Preserves of Winnebago County is dedicated to protecting, conserving and enhancing over 10,500 acres of forest preserves for the citizens and visitors of Winnebago County. To help address the magnitude of work in natural resource restoration and management, FPWC has benefited from a strong volunteer program officially begun in 2014. Last year approximately 524 active volunteers invested 7,625 hours toward the overall goals and objectives of the district. Specifically, over 300 R.E.A.P. (Restoration-Education-Appreciation-Preservation) workday volunteers contributed over 900 hours targeted at site restoration efforts utilizing disciplined safety procedures, specified training and staff mentorship from a dedicated Volunteer Trainer. Kim O'Malley, Human Resources Manager/Volunteer Coordinator at FPWC, discusses ways in which volunteers nurture nature to impact the health, beauty and sustainability of the place we call home.

Hosted by: Paul Lisnek Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team

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