Tailor-Made in Indiana Part 3 - 5:36
with Andrew Porter, Owner at Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers
Posted Jul 20, 2017 Expires Mar 31, 2019
Custom-tailor, here in Indiana, Andrew Porter of Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers demonstrates how he greets and works with a new client. Andrew, host Taylor Bennett and model, Adam Bassett, gather off-set at Newsmakers to provide viewers with the finer points of a suit fitting. Be sure to watch all of Andrew's Newsmakers interview by clicking through to?Tailor-Made in Indiana (Part I) and Tailor-Made in Indiana (Part II). Interview(s) recorded on July 12, 2017. Hosted by Taylor Bennett. Part 3 of 3.
Hosted by: Taylor Bennett Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team
Read a partical transcript of the interview here:

Bennett: As you can tell, we've moved off-set to get a live demonstration of a custom fitting. So, Adam what do you do?

Bassett: I'm in medical sales.

Bennett: ...so the look is very important to you.

Bassett: Absolutely.

Bennett: So, Andrew take us through the process. When somebody comes in, and they want a nice suit, what does it take?

Porter: Well, usually I meet a client at their home or office. The first think I'm going to go through is to see what they are looking for; what they need it for. I have a questionnaire that I go through with a list of questions and then go to their closet. Sometimes they have ill-fitting suits or suits they want to get rid of. From there, I measure and pick out fabrics. ?There are thousands and thousands of fabrics to pick from all fro Italy or England. The full measuring then takes about 25-30 minutes, but for now we'll do some basic measurements.

Bennett: Adam, have you ever had a custom suit.

Bassett: No, I haven't. I'm pretty interested in this process.

Porter: So, I'll just go through a few measurements. Some clients may be starting off for the first time. I'll bring a jacket with me to determine how they wear their clothes. This over-arm measurement is simple to measure the full chest and over the bicep. For the chest, the most important measurment is under the arm.

Bennett: Can any body be fitted for a suit?

Porter: Yes. that's one important factor for doing custom. Anyone can be fitted. Typically, my clients are anyone who can't find a comfortable fit, off the rack.

Bennett: Do you stay involved in the entire process or do you have a team?

Porter: I have a team. Once I do all the measuring, pick out the fabric and fill out the order, I have a company that is doing the cutting for me. It takes about 4-5 weeks for the garment to come back. Once the garment comes back, even then, there may be some times I have to do a final fitting; especially with the function of buttons we talked about before.

Bassett: I'll take it.

Porter: This is a good start. With custom, you get to pick where you want your buttons to lay, the fabric for inside of your jack, size of your lapel. You just have a ton of options when you are doing custom.

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