LGBT Workplace Equality with Selisse Berry of Out and Equal

- 4:44

"We can be married in every state in the country. We can still be fired in 28 states in the country. ... Globally we can be married in 22 countries around the world, but we can still be arrested and even killed in close to 80 countries around the world."


Jun 10, 2016

Twenty years ago, less than 4 percent of Fortune 500 companies had LGBT protections. Today, that statistic stands at 96 percent. A major shift in the landscape of LGBT workplace equality. A discussion with Selisse Berry, Founder and CEO of Out and Equal Workplace Advocates. Berry stated, "We live in an interesting time. We can be married in every state?in the country. We can still be fired?in 28 states in the country. And of course, many of?the companies that we work with?are multinational companies. So globally we can be married in?22 countries around the world,?but we can still be arrested?and even killed?in close to 80 countries?around the world." Visit Out and Equal on the web, on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Produced by: National Newsmakers Team
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