Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

Jennifer Cacciapaglia, Mayor's Office of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Prevention

The Mayor's Office of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Prevention focuses on systems change in the community response to the prevention of domestic violence and human trafficking, the protection of survivors and their children, the prosecution of these crimes and the collaboration of all necessary partners to carry out change in these areas. This effort includes the development of a specific, targeted responses around juveniles aimed at redirecting children in trauma away from the criminal justice system, either as perpetrators or victims of crime, and onto pathways of hope and restoration. It has become clear that unless we shift a large amount of resources toward interrupting trauma experienced by youth in their own homes, we will never effectively improve the health and safety of our community. We have discovered that the majority of our juvenile violent offenders are cross referenced in police reports as being victims of or witnesses to domestic or sexual violence. Our communities must build a wrap around system of navigated support for these children, so that they are not left on their own to attempt to process this trauma, which more often than not manifests in delinquent activities, violence, and failure in school. It is our hope that we will someday not need re-entry programs because we have done so well at implementing no-entry strategies.

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Sep 23, 2019

Hosted by: Paul Lisnek
Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team

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