Sign Language TV

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Theressa DuBois, Deaf Welcome Foundation (ILYTv Network)


Jan 30, 2020

We're so excited to launch the first Sign Language TV Channel, on Comcast! It's called ILY-Tv ON DEMAND. I-L-Y is the universal sign for "LOVE." We love the Deaf and Deaf Culture. In fact, this entire project has been a "labor of love." There are millions of Deaf people in America with some 90,000 in Illinois. We're airing ON DEMAND programs to entertain, inform and inspire the entire family, but especially those who prefer or rely on Sign Language to communicate. It's really exciting to be creating jobs for Deaf adults, here in Chicago! We believe no Deaf person needs to be UNEMPLOYED or rely on Social Security to live, if they can be trained to work. My charity has launched the DEAF TALENT CAMPAIGN, here in Chicago, to encourage Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing folks to come out and be trained for careers in Sign Language TV, Media, Music & Film. You can help us too, by giving to the Deaf Welcome Interpreter Fund. ( Donations, gifts and grants are making industry leaders, trainers and celebrities accessible to the Deaf in a brand new way. Check your local listings for ILYTv ON DEMAND, and if you don't see us yet, request us. ILYTv on Comcast is the next BIG THING!

Hosted by: Paul Lisnek Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team

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