Get Active with the Census - 4:39
Madeleine Doubek, CHANGE Illinois
Posted Aug 22, 2019
Illinois faces many challenges to get everyone counted next year. The 2020 Census will be the first time the internet will be the primary method for submitting census forms. Studies show Illinois could lose over $1.2B over the next decade with even a 1% undercount (about 120,000 residents). Without a full, accurate Illinois census count, we can’t have fair political maps.
Even with a full census, we might have gerrymandered maps. CHANGE Illinois leads the charge for the Fair Maps Amendment, SJRCA 4 and HJRCA 15, which would create a 16-member independent redistricting commission to create a fair process for drawing maps to boost competition in our elections.
Hosted by: Paul Lisnek Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team

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