Lighting Sparks, Changing Lives

- 4:33

Beth Nyland, Literacy DuPage


Aug 22, 2019

Imagine if a huge barrier kept you from some of life’s most basic, essential activities: buying groceries, talking to your child’s teacher, reading a prescription bottle. This is reality for far too many of our neighbors—including more than 100,000 DuPage County residents who struggle with English. And many of these people lack the time, money, and transportation to attend traditional language classes. Fortunately, they have another option: Literacy DuPage. Literacy DuPage is a non-profit organization that trains volunteer tutors to work side-by-side with adults who want to learn English. This army of big-hearted volunteers provides free tutoring to immigrants, refugees, and even native English speakers who want to improve their lives by improving their language skills. Literacy DuPage runs entirely on volunteer energy and donor generosity. Right now, the organization is actively involved in three critical actions:
> Connecting with adults who need the organization’s free services
> Recruiting and training volunteers to serve as tutors (no experience required)
> Raising funds from individuals and organizations who see the life-changing possibilities of breaking the language barrier.

Hosted by: Ellee Pai Hong Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team

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