Building A Team: How Indianapolis Attracts Job Talent - 7:36
with Merillat Flowers of TechPoint
Posted Jun 17, 2019
Looking for new talent to bring into your business? With numerous economic sectors growing at such a rapid pace you may feel that quality over quanity, when it comes to applicants, is hard to come by. Moreoverthe emerging workforce largely comes from the Millennial and Gen Z generations who demand more than just a job, they want the whole package. Merillat Flowers at TechPoint sits down with host Talor Whitaker to discuss the pain points of attracting talent in today's market and how a more holistic approach to staffing seems to be the cure. Interview filmed on May 29, 2019 at the Indiana State Museum. Thumbnail provided by from Pexels.
Hosted by: Talor Whitaker Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team

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