Supporting Families to Care for their Children


with Cristina Peixoto, CEO of Spaulding for Children


Mar 25, 2019

Spaulding for Children, a private, non-profit child welfare agency, was established in 1968 when several entities, each seeking a way to make life better for children without families, joined together. One of the entities was Warren Spaulding, an elderly gentleman farmer who donated his farmhouse and surrounding land to establish Spaulding’s first office. Spaulding for Children finds permanent homes for children that are in the public child welfare system and supports families in maintaining their children safely in their homes. It was one of the first agencies in the country that specialized in finding and training adoptive families for the placement of children with disabilities and other challenges. Spaulding for Children believes that every child deserves a nurturing, stable and loving family. The Agency is committed to creating an environment where prospective foster and adoptive families are welcomed and encouraged to learn about the rewards of parenting. Spaulding will not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, marital status, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, color or ethnicity.

Hosted by: Laurel Hess Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team

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