Helping Business Growth for Women and All Businesses - 5:10
Jennifer Wilhelm
Posted Mar 05, 2018
The Urban Redevelopment Authority in Pittsburgh is home to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and its Assistant Director Jennifer Wilhelm talks with host Sheila Hyland on the Chatham University Campus about honoring Women’s History Month with a new initiative to encourage women to grow their businesses, and a discussion on help the Authority can provide to all businesses, large and small.
Hosted by: Sheila Hyland Produced by: Keystone Newsmakers Team

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Advocating the Education Needs of Homeless Children

Children are included in the homeless population, according to Carlos Carter, Executive Director, Homeless Children's Education Fund in Pittsburgh, who says anxiety about no food or place to sleep causes developmental issues for these homeless kids in school. Helping homeless children can break the cycle of poverty through help at all levels of their education including college and careers. Sheila Hyland hosts from the Chatham University Campus in Pittsburgh.
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