Opportunity Grants - 4:50
Delaware Department of Education, Dr. Susan Bunting
Posted Feb 02, 2018
Elena Russo speaks with Dr. Susan Bunting, the Secretary of Education for Delaware’s Department of Education, about new opportunity grants and how they aid students. The grants will be non-competitive and will help students on the low socioeconomic status. For more videos and information about your community, go to ComcastNewsmakers.com. Recorded on: 02-01-18
Hosted by: Elena Russo Produced by: Beltway Newsmakers Team

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Marshyhope Frogfest

Elena Russo talks with Wayne Cole, Project Chair for the Federalsburg Lions Club. They discuss two events that the Federalsburg Lions Club will be part of. The first is Comcast Cares Day that will take place April 21st at Chamber Park in Federalsburg. The 2nd event is the Marchyhope Frogfest that will take place June 30th at the Federalsburg Marina Park. For more information, visit the Federalsburg Lions Club website.
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