Hope & Empowerment


Rendel Solomon, 1 Stock 1 Future


Oct 23, 2018

A recent GoBankingRates survey shows that one out of every three Americans has no retirement savings. Also, among those who have saved, 56% have less than $10,000. In order to address this and other financial issues, it is critical to start educating young people early on how money works. Rendel Solomon, Managing Director at a Chicago-based private equity firm, but also the Founder of non-profit One Stock One Future, believes the best way to engage with students on the topic of money is to get them directly involved, not just tell them. One Stock One Future's mission it to turn one million youth into public company shareholders to give them a sense of Hope, Inspiration, Empowerment, and Opportunity. His goal is to use this newfound public company ownership as an entry point to change students Attitudes, Behaviors, and Conversations about money and much more!

Hosted by: Paul Lisnek Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team
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