A Time to Give in the Wards


LaToyia Huggins, Christmas in the Wards


Oct 23, 2018

Christmas in the Wards founded over 22 ago by businessman Larry Huggins and later joined by businessman Everett Rand, began as Christmas in Englewood Foundation, serving one of the most disadvantaged communities on the South Side of Chicago. Through amazing partnerships our organization has grown into a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to transforming lives and bringing the true spirit of the holidays. Our mission is to serve, reaching over 20 Chicago wards and more underrepresented communities. We help over 1000 families each Christmas and holiday season by working with our civic leaders, schools, business partners and community organizations to bring the Spirit of the Season to need-based communities. Hard working families who struggle to provide for their families receive essentials like food and clothing; deserving students who achieve academic and community excellence receive laptops and other educational gifts; bright-eyed youth who love Santa Claus receive special gifts they select from one of the largest toy giveaways in the city of Chicago.

Hosted by: Ellee Pai Hong Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team

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