Ability, Not Disability


Jason Clark, Little City


Oct 22, 2018

Employment in the general workforce is the first priority and preferred outcome of publicly funded services for all working age citizens with disabilities. Employment is an integral component of our identity. Many times work is not just simply about being able to survive rather it is our opportunity to thrive. By building social capital, decreasing reliance on entitlements, furthering skills development and contributing to one’s own community, employment is the natural first option. Employment programs run by Community Rehabilitation Programs, such as Little City, offer job seekers an array of potential services and supports including access to safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment in which to develop or hone preference and desire opportunities to secure competitive wages, connections to employers who are committed to diversity, reasonable accommodations, employer consultation services, 1:1 support from certified professionals and mobility training.

Hosted by: Paul Lisnek Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team
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