Assisting Victims Of Domestic Abuse - 4:50
Mary Riedel On The Comprehensive Plan To Help Women
Posted Dec 14, 2017
"Women living in fear because they're involved in a toxic or violent relationship have a chance to break the cycle thanks to one South Florida organization. In this edition of Comcast Newsmakers, Mary Riedel, President and CEO of Women in Distress, talks about their comprehensive plan to help victims of domestic abuse. Interview recorded: December 1st, 2017"
Hosted by: Nathalia Ortiz Produced by: Florida Newsmakers Team

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Keeping Politicians Honest

Keeping our politicians honest. One State Representative is attempting to do just that with a new measure that’s picking up steam in Tallahassee. In this edition of Comcast Newsmakers, State Representative Evan Jenne talks about the issue of campaign finance reform. Interview recorded: January 24th, 2018
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