Integrate Baltimore - 4:40
Ernie Beck, Founder and Director
Posted Dec 07, 2017
"Yolanda Vazquez speaks with Ernie Beck, Founder & Director for Integrate Baltimore. They offer donated technology from the corporate and higher education fields to groups that could benefit from it, in the hopes that someday, they might pass it forward themselves. Also covered is the AV's industry within the STEM workforce. For more videos and information about your community, go to Recorded on: 12-5-17"
Hosted by: Yolanda Vazquez Produced by: Beltway Newsmakers Team

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Concerted Care Group

Yolanda Vazquez talks with Dr. Erika Kane, Medical Director for Concerted Care Group. Concerted Care Group is successful because they treat more than just the symptoms of addiction. They treat the behaviors that accompany, enable and cause addiction. For more information on the Concerted Care Group, visit their website.
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