The State of the City of Logansport (Aim Ideas Summit 2017)

- 5:00

with Mayor Dave Kitchell, City of Logansport


Nov 09, 2017

A special production of Comcast Newsmakers from the Accelerate Indiana Municipalities Idea Summit at the Old National Events Center in Evansville, Indiana. The annual summit features local officials from across the state as they visit together in exchange of development ideas, economic success and needs.

Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team

Read a partial transcript of the interview here:

Bennett: How are things going in Logansport? I understand things are going well financially.

Kitchell: We're just about through the first half of our term. The jobless rate, in June, was at a 17 year low. We've reignited our relationship with the economic development organization and with the county to have discussions about economic development. We landed a $50 million dollar investment from Asia: Advanced Manufacturing of electronics and we've had four other projects that have gone with advanced manufacturing and above the average wage for the community; so we need to bring in higher paying jobs. We'll finish 2017 in the black. Financially, we've really turned a 180.

Kitchell: The circuit breakers had a tough time in a lot of cities: Terre Haute, Goshen and us. We lose 26% of our general fund this year due to the property tax cap. We've had to make cuts where we don't want to but we've tried to make smart decisions.

Bennett: You're in good shape right now.

Kitchell: I think as long as the economy holds out. Obviously, the hurricanes have had a dramatic effect on the national economy. That hasn't hit us and I don't think it will hit us. The challenge that we face in all Indiana is finding enough labor. Birth rates are down, immigration rates are down and domestic migration rates are down. We've got to work on ways, through a place-making initiative. We've got to get that qualified workforce because there are hundreds of businesses, according to Indiana Chamber of Commerce, that are ready to fill positions now.

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