The State of the City of Evansville (Aim Ideas Summit 2017)

- 5:00

with Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, City of Evansville


Nov 08, 2017

A special production of Comcast Newsmakers from the Accelerate Indiana Municipalities Idea Summit at the Old National Events Center in Evansville, Indiana. The annual summit features local officials from across the state as they visit together in exchange of development ideas, economic success and needs. This segment highlights the city of Evansville by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team

Read a partial transcript of the interview here:

Bennett: Very exciting. We are finally here...the summit is here in Evansville!

Winnecke: It's been 10 years since the summit has been here and the feedback we've gotten has been phenomenal.

Bennett: The city has changed a lot.

Winnecke: We really are in a great era of our city. The new DoubleTree by Hilton opened in February. Its allowed us to attract events like the Aim Ideas Summit. We're back in the meeting and convention business. We've opened 67 new businesses in the downtown area alone in the last 3 years.

Bennett: It seems like a lot of the municipalities are talking about growth. You are able to speak a lot to that.

Winnecke: For the state of Indiana to be successful our cities and towns have to be successful. You have state leaders that understand the importance of local government. We're fortunate to have Governor Holcomb brining his entire cabinet to Evansville to meet with local leaders. It's giving us the resources and tools to revitalize our cities and towns like never before.

Bennett: Where do you go from here?

Winnecke: We have projects lined up. Ones that we know we are doing and potential projects. One huge project is a big urban living between Vectren and Hire.

Bennett: Do you still think you can keep up with parking and housing?

Winnecke: We have new challenges everyday. There's probably not a mayor that doesn't have a parking problem. I would say it is a good problem to have.

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