The State of the Town of Churubusco (Aim Ideas Summit 2017)

- 5:01

with Clerk Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl, Town of Churubusco


Nov 02, 2017

A special production of Comcast Newsmakers from the Accelerate Indiana Municipalities Idea Summit at the Old National Events Center in Evansville, Indiana. The annual summit features local officials from across the state as they visit together in exchange of development ideas, economic success and needs. This segment highlights the town of Churubusco by Clerk-Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl.

Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team

Read a partial transcript of the interview here:

Bennett: How has the summit being going for you so far?

Sade-Bartl: It's been a great time. There's a lot of good workshops and great presenters. It's actually my second time being in Evansville...ever.

Bennett: So, when you talk about the workshops...what are some of the things you've learned that you hope to take back?

Sade-Bartl: We had a Creating Places workshops with IHCDA and Patronicity talking about one of their grant programs. We are in the process of creating a park playground that is completely privately funded.

Bennett: How did you raise money for that?

Sade-Bartl: Through grants. We did a lot of going out and asking people for money. We did have about $70,000 raised too from private, individual donations. For a small community like Churubusco that's really amazing that we could get that much money raised in a short amount of time. We had $160,000 in grant funding too.

Bennett: Obviously got a lot of community support.

Sade-Bartl: We utilized Survey Monkey and social media, partnerships with our school corporations, etc.

Bennett: I understand you also presented at a workshop too.

Sade-Bartl: Actually I presented on Oscars Playland, which is our new playgrounds. I let other municipalities know that they can also raise funds privately and get big projects done in a short amount of time.

Bennett: Did you get many questions?

Sade-Bartl: I only got one question and that was why we named it Oscar's Playland. I can elaborate on that the town of Churubusco is known as Turtle Town USA. In 1948, a couple of guys claim they saw a turtle...the size of a dining room table. The story was picked up nation-wide. Churubusco was then bombarded with tens of thousands of people looking for the turtle they named Oscar.

Bennett: Any photos or sightings recently?

Sade-Bartl: No, nothing recently. We do still like that we are known for something. We have Turtle Days Festival, every June, with turtle races by people racing their turtles they find in lakes and streams. It's a really good time.

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