Safety Net for the Houston Community

- 4:30

Anna M. Babin, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Houston


Nov 02, 2017

United Way of Greater Houston engages caring people to improve lives and build a stronger community. At the heart of our work is ensuring the safety net by providing life-saving services to meet our neighbors' most basic needs, like food and shelter. We are here to support families and individuals when they are going through crises, like job loss, domestic violence and natural disasters. And, we create a pathway to self-sufficiency and success for our neighbors and our community. We provide the tools, resources and education for families to achieve financial stability and independence, for children to succeed in school and in life and for veterans to rebuild their lives after returning from service. Every day of the year, 24-hours a day, we are the voice of help and hope for those who call our 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE. And, we bring stakeholders and our community together to address the most pressing needs in our area, improving the quality of life for everyone in our region. We do it all strategically, transparently and with a focus on results.

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