The State of the Town of Culver (Aim Ideas Summit 2017)

- 5:00

with Councilwoman Tammy Shaffer, Town of Culver


Nov 01, 2017

A special production of Comcast Newsmakers from the Accelerate Indiana Municipalities Idea Summit at the Old National Events Center in Evansville, Indiana. The annual summit features local officials from across the state as they visit together in exchange of development ideas, economic success and needs. This segment highlights the Town of Culver by Councilwoman Tammy Shaffer.

Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team

Read a partial transcript of the interview here:

Bennett: How has the summit been for you so far?

Shaffer: So far, it's been great. Evansville is very welcoming and first sessions went well.

Bennett: There are a lot of sessions here for a lot of communities to learn and take things back, what are some of the things you learned so far?

Shaffer: So far, I went to the Latino community session and learned about some of the struggles and barriers that community has and I think it will be good to take that back to our community and reach out a little bit.

Bennett: Do you think as programs are concerned or just more involvement?

Shaffer: I think more involvement. Getting more Spanish documents out and just educating us and them.

Bennett: A lot of things I think a lot of people take back is quality of life and downtown revitalization, do you find those useful as well?

Shaffer: I do. A year ago, our downtown had 3-4 empty buildings and with the ideas through Aim we've been able to fill those buildings.

Bennett: I imagine too, coming to a summit like this; talking to others who face the same issues...helps you feel you're not alone.

Shaffer: It helps to network with other communities. If you are struggling with something, they already have a plan and you can just take it back to your own community.

Bennett: What is Culver like?

Shaffer: Culver is a lake community plus a small rural farm community and then Culver Academies is there so it's a diverse group of people.

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