Women in the Live Events Industry

- 4:36

Christie Pruyn, International Live Events Association


Oct 24, 2017

The events industry sits in an interesting place in the professional world. In a time when we continue to discuss the glass ceiling and focus on gender equality, the events industry is one niche that where women are paid and valued as much as male counterparts. Becoming involved in professional industry organizations such as ILEA provides an edge. Association membership allows professionals to distinguish themselves as they provide the forum for continued education and professional networking. Joining provides a distinct opportunity to align yourself with a group of like-minded, passionate professionals that will help you strengthen your knowledge and your presence within the industry. Colleges and universities continue to expand their event industry specific degrees so there is an increase in educated young professionals entering the work force. By continued education and certification offerings, we are elevating our industry overall.

Hosted by: Paul Lisnek Produced by: Greater Chicago Newsmakers Team

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