An Impactful Legacy: 10 Years of Gary Brackett's Impact Foundation (Part II) - 4:47
with Gary Brackett, Founder at Gary Brackett's Impact Foundation
Posted Sep 11, 2017 Expires Sep 11, 2019
It was 10 years ago when the story of Gary Brackett's Impact Foundation began. Personal experiences were what brought the organization to life but it has since thrived on the experiences of others. The foundation is supported by four legs and encompasses a wide array of people in need. Gary's approach to bettering the community includes help in job preparation and summer occupation opportunities. Elsewhere, Gary works with local hospitals to pamper families of ill-children and the children themselves. Learn more about Gary's work here Gary Brackett's Impact Foundation and be sure to check out Gary's story by watching Part 1 of this interview here An Impactful Legacy: 10 Years of Gary Brackett's Impact Foundation. Interview recorded on August 29, 2017.
Hosted by: Taylor Bennett Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team
Read a partial transcript of the interview here:

Whitaker: Well, Gary Brackett's Impact Foundation has four legs: Impact Ready, Impact Works, TenderHearts and Gary's Locker. Let's start with Impact Ready, why is that an important component?

Brackett: For me, being an employer of 450 one of the first stores I opened, I sat there for the interviews. I saw how people were so ill-prepared to come in for an interview. I thought Impact Ready was a way to play it forward and...educate people on how they should approach their first job and interview.

Whitaker: Impact Works follows Impact you view this as the natural progression?

Brackett: I think it's one thing to tell people what to expect in their first job and then actually give them their first job. We partner with Teen Works to employ about 12 people a year throughout the restaurant group. They learn real on the job training.

Whitaker: Do you have any favorite stories to share with us from those programs?

Brackett: A lot of the times we have high school kids working. This one guy is working in the back, in the pantry, during was one of our Impact Works guys. He cooks at home with his family and is doing a great job...and we're now working to move him from a stipend to a full time employee.

Whitaker: Not to belittle the other programs but TenderHearts and Gary's Locker are two more ancillary events to the foundation, tell me about their importance.

Brackett: TenderHeart luncheon is a way to honor my mom. A lot of times the mother bears the burden of a sick child. We invite women to a fancy lunch at CharBlue Steakhouse. It is phenomenal to have all these women out and see their connection and see them having a good time.

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