The Trouble with Film in Indiana Part 2 - 5:10
with Teresa Sabatine, Film Commissioner at Film Indy
Posted Jul 20, 2017 Expires Mar 31, 2019
If you haven't, be sure to watch the first part of Sabatine's interview here The Trouble with Film in Indiana (Part I). The trouble with film in Indiana is discussed further between host Taylor Bennett and guest Teresa Sabatine from Film Indy. Sabatine highlights the future objectives and ultimate goals within Film Indy as she progresses toward the July 2018 deadline of bringing film back to the Hoosier state. This interview was recorded on July 12, 2017.
Hosted by: Taylor Bennett Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team
Read a partical transcript of the interview here:

Bennett: What are your hopes for this in the long run?

Sabatine: We spent the first year lobbying at the Statehouse for tax incentives. In my wildest dreams, we greenlight that tax incentive and are able to recruit big business and help curate the talent that is already here. It is endless possibilty.

Bennett: You have an important deadline coming up.

Sabatine: I have one year left. So, aside from trying to cultivate a great?community around production, TV and film and generating tax incentives for the state; we are also looking for funding for the office. We are serving a community that has been underserved for a long time; we bring value to the city and state.

Bennett: Trying to get those tax breaks have been unsuccessful in the past. Do you have any tricks up your sleeves to make that, actually, happen this time.

Sabatine: Because I spent time on both coasts and cultivated strong relationships with big, Hollywood producers, I have dove into my little black book and had those conversations and I have some eyes on Indiana that haven't been there in the past. One, it's education; pouding the pavement. I think we are taking a much more aggressive approach in trying to educate legislators.

Bennett: Are you feeling some pressure?

Sabatine: I feel a lot of pressure; pressure to create jobs. Creativity isn't just born, it is cultivated. I heard in the next 10 years we'll have 100,000 jobs that we don't have people for. Well, creating a creative ecosystem is a way to bring new talent to your state and cultivate the talent within it.

Bennett: It's a big, huge economic impact.

Sabatine: It is. It takes distinct partners. I think the people that have gone at it before had their individual?time and resources. I'm trying to create that pressure from a lot of different areas and create those bigger partners with a bigger stake in the game.

Bennett: Good luck, we're rooting for more Indiana production.

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