Tailor-Made in Indiana Part 2 - 5:09
with Andrew Porter, Owner at Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers
Posted Jul 20, 2017 Expires Mar 31, 2019
Trends in men's fashion have taken some wild turns in the 21st century (i.e. men's rompers ); even an understanding what the classics or wardrobe staples call for get muddled from generation to generation. To set the record straight, custom-tailor Andrew Porter from Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers is back to dispel some popular myths regarding the men's wardrobe from everyday, business wear to wedding style. Click through here to watch Tailor-Made in Indiana (Part I) and Tailor-Made in Indiana (Part III). Interview(s) recorded on July 12, 2017. Hosted by Taylor Bennett. Part 2 of 3. Read a partial transcript of the interview here: Bennett: Welcome back to Comcast Newsmakers. I'm Taylor Bennett with Andrew Porter from Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers and we're going to dispel some common, men's style myths. Are you ready Porter: I'm ready. Bennett: Okay, so myth #1: a black suit is a great choice for a first suit becasue black goes with everything. Porter: It's not a bad idea. My suggestion would be to go a shade lighter and get a dark charcoal suit. That way, you can take it to business and formal events, if need be. I would say that is debunked. Bennett: Myth #2: Wear black socks or grey socks only and make sure your socks match your pants. Porter: No and No...No. I like to have fun. I'm sure you have heard of Happy Socks and a lot of guys are having fun with their socks now. I like to pick one or two colors an outfit and sometimes if I'm happy, I'd put on yellow or blue socks. So, I would say that is also a debunked myth. Bennett: Myth #3: double-breasted suits make you look old. Porter: That is another myth that is debunked. Double-breasted suits are definitely back in style. Actually, if you do it right, there are a lot of different things you can do with the lapels; you can raise the button stance; have a trimmer arm hole or shoulder. Bennett: Myth #4: working button holes on sleeves is a tell-tale sign of a handmade suit. Porter: It is definitely one, I would agree with that. What manufacturers are doing is that they are adding functional buttons on ready-made suits. Benentt: Myth #5: matching your tie to your pocket-square is elegant. Porter: Say you have a paisley tie and a paisley pocket-square...that's a no-no. You always want to wear a color in the tie or shirt to bring out the pocket-square; if you're not sure, wear a white one (pocket-square). Never wear the same pocket-square as the tie. That is a sign of an unsofisticated dresser. Bennett: Let's move onto weddings. Myth #1: keep it bland. Porter: It used to be that way. I'm doing weddings now. With the groom, I just delivered a paisley jacket to a groom which is really really nice. I would definitely say not bland anymore. Bennett: One more; wedding related: wear a tux. Porter: Based on their income, some guys are looking at suits. Some guys like to save money, and if they want to make an investment, they are taking a suit that can be used in business. They are getting more bang for their buck. Bennett: Thanks Andrew and thanks for watching. Click through to my third and final interview with Andrew.
Hosted by: Taylor Bennett Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team

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