Business and Black Lives: A 40-Year Evolution - 6:31
Featuring The Center for Leadership Development in Indianapolis
Posted May 17, 2017 Expires Jan 01, 2019
Bringing business to the forefront of young, black scholars was the objective some 40 years ago, when The Center for Leadership Development was born. S. Henry Bundles Jr. and his wife saw the increasing lack of African American youngsters persuing careers in business; in favor of other trades. From the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis; during the Minority Leaders and Achievers Awards Gala, watch and listen to how one observation, some 40 years ago, has positively altered the future of Indiana in business and beyond. Recorded on March 23, 2017.
Hosted by: Talor Whitaker Produced by: Heartland Newsmakers Team
Here is a partial transcript from the full piece: HOST ON CAMERA: Hey guys, I'm Talor Whitaker, your Comcast Newsmakers Field Correspondent with today's Community Profile. HOST ON CAMERA: Let's take a trip back to 1977 Indianapolis. Specifically, imagine the community of African Americans as it reaches a cultural crisis within its younger generation. What's happening? African Americans are failing...failing to graduate from high school, pursue higher education and attain personally and economically enriching careers. The solution? Enter S. Henry Bundles Jr. and the CLD... BUNDLES JR.: "But we found...and so forth." BUNDLES JR.: "So we decide business and industry." BUNDLES: "I didn't unimaginable." HOST/VO: And now, 40 years later, the Center for Leadership Development remains relentlessly committed to its mission and response to the needs of minority youth in Central Indiana. BLAND: "It's a significant the young people." BLAND: "I think the fact...stood 40 years." HOST ON CAMERA: So, in celebration of 40 years in service, I bring you the 37th Annual CLD Minority Leaders and Achievers Award and Scholarship Gala at the Indiana Convention Center. FREEMAN: "This is a...of this event." BRADFORD?"I think it' the community." HOST/VO: Today, you will meet and hear from a handful of CLD's brightest, who have adopted the 5 Core Principles for Success and turned them into something extraordinary. PERRY: "If anybody really overwhelming." PERRY: "Over the past...with that tomorrow." BURKS: "What CLD're currently in." BURKS: "I started of itself." MCMURRAY: "CLD, I've been in...benefit for everyone." PERRY: "The most important...want to do." HOST/VO: From CLD Scholars to minority professionals already out in the world, each individual demonstrates a high achievement in life's work that speaks volumes about the real winner, the Center for Leadership Development. BLAND: "There is the country." HOST ON CAMERA: Now, the gala may be the most formal affair of the year but CLD maintains its presence in our community through a variety of ways. Visit, that's c-l-d-i-n-c dot org to learn more on donating, volunteering and sponsoring this great organization. For Comcast Newsmakers and CN81, I'm Talor Whitaker.

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