The Notion of the "Perpetual Foreigner" - 5:58
Part 2 of The State of the AAPI Community Round Table
Posted May 12, 2017
The Asian-American and Pacific Islander community is growing faster than any other ethnic group in the United States. And with migration being a key driver of that growth, the AAPI community has the greatest proportion of immigrants of any U.S. ethnicity. Using a familiar stereotype - the "model minority" myth - as a starting point, the panel digs into the true AAPI story, covering this population's struggles with unemployment, access to education, language barriers, and poverty - and poses ideas and solutions that can help advance the community forward. Part two of our?special roundtable discussion, Comcast Newsmakers Presents: The State of the AAPI Community, focuses on the stereotype of the "perpetual foreigner." Host Ellee Pai Hong?leads a groundbreaking roundtable discussion with AAPI community leaders: Christopher Kang, National Director of the National Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans. Seema Agnani, Executive Director of the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development. Quyen Dinh, Executive Director of the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center. Click here to continue to part three of this five-part series.
Hosted by: Ellee Pai Hong Produced by: National Newsmakers Team

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