District 9 Update - 4:25
Delegate Gail Bates
Posted Feb 15, 2017
Yolanda Vazquez talks with Delegate Gail Bates, from District 9, about the contributing to the schools with the lowest performance rate in the state. Also discussed is "binocular vision disorder," and the diagnosis of it. Follow on Facebook. For more videos and information about your community, go to ComcastNewsmakers.com. Recorded on: 02/08/2017. Link:
Hosted by: Yolanda Vazquez Produced by: Beltway Newsmakers Team

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Resident Services, Inc.

Yolanda Vazquez speaks with Cameron Miles, a Resource Development Coordinator for Resident Services, Inc., about scholarships offered to help young people living in public housing thrive. Also discussed is an Annual Golf Tournament on September 14th at the Mt. Pleasant Golf Course.
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