Men Moving From Failure To Faith - 4:29
Blake Wilson, Lead Pastor and Conference Coordinator
Posted Jan 20, 2017
Blake Wilson, Lead Pastor and Conference Coordinator talks about Mannafest Conference being held in Houston, TX February 24th and 25th. The goal is to resource men with tools that allow them to learn to master the various roles and responsibilities of being a man: personal manhood, relational brotherhood, spiritual husband, and intentional fatherhood. For More Information, please visit
Hosted by: Michael Bybee Produced by: Houston Newsmakers Team

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Mexican Institute

The Mexican Institute of Greater Houston (MIGH) is a significant contributor to Community Development because we are increasing our student’s workforce skills so they can opt for better paid jobs. MIGH offers Basic Computer Technology Literacy Education for Adults. It is taught in English and Spanish and reaches parents through the schools attended by their children (K-12). We have been educating at risk LEPs about the benefits of using computers at home and at work, teaching them several software packages. Our programs primarily serve parents (80% woman/20% men) of school-aged children throughout the State of Texas. Carlos J. Lopez, President spoke about their Computer Literacy Courses for Adults.
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