Debby Posso

- 4:30

Executive Director, Senior Rides and More


Oct 31, 2016

Senior Rides and More is a faith-based nonprofit whose mission is to promote senior independent living, health, and safety by providing free transportation and other services. Many frail and elderly people face an excruciating choice: Spend their last years in an impersonal institution, or remain at home, isolated and housebound. With the help of Senior Rides and More, a third option is available to southwest Houston's frail and elderly population; they can live independent lives in their own homes with the assistance of Senior Rides and More volunteers providing life sustaining services and a link to the larger community. Senior Rides and More is proud to be a Houston non-profit whose profile has been accepted by Donor Houston?. Donor Houston? is an on-line resource designed to provide an unmatched level of information about Houston-area non-profits. This organization allows Houston Community Foundations the information they need in order to make informed charitable giving decisions. For More Information, please visit

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