Race relations among black community and police

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Scot Esdaile, President of Connecticut NAACP


Sep 08, 2016

Racial tensions are exploding nationally; are we destined to relive the tumultuous race conflicts of the past? ?Scot Esdaile, President of Connecticut NAACP, joins Comcast Newsmakers host Eric Clemons at Gateway Community College in New Haven to discuss controversial issues of race relations and law enforcement, and what it will take to heal those wounds. Other topics include economic development and education. Now how has this racial tension between?police and the community affected Connecticut and what are some criminal justice issues you can identify in our?state? "Well the criminal justice situation in Connecticut it's just?a reflection of what's going on all across America. The tensions are at an all time high. With the racial profiling issues, with the taser issues, with the tension?between Black and Latino?community,?with law enforcement it's a?bad situation right now and it's about?to be a powder keg that explodes. I'm asking that the young people?that are in confrontation with the law enforcement on a regular basis, that they?get an opportunity to voice their opinions. Nine times out of ten?you you hear the?Community Activist you hear?the Pastors,?the Presidents of the NAACP, but?it's extremely important you also hear from?the young people. Because young people?are the ones that are constantly having?conflict with the law enforcement. And those are the ones that are out in the street?those are the ones that are protesting,?those are the ones?tweeting and getting?these are black lives matters marches on. And it's not just black?people, it's white people and Latinos for this?black lives matters marches. I think it's?extremely important those young people?have the opportunity to voice their?opinions let you know exactly what's?going out on out there."

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