LGBT Misconceptions

- 2:57

Part 1 of The State of LGBT Equality Roundtable


Jun 27, 2016

What are some common misconceptions about the state of LGBT Equality? From true equity to matters of faith to legal discrimination in the workplace, LGBT community leaders discuss issues impacting their community of which the general population may not be aware. Part 1 of a special round table edition of Comcast Newsmakers featuring: Selisse Berry, Founder and C.E.O. of Out and Equal Workplace Advocates; Jonathan Lovitz, Vice President of External Affairs, National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce; Mary Beth Maxwell, Senior Vice President of Programs, Research and Training, Human Rights Campaign. See the full round table discussion on the State of LGBT Equality. See more with our guests: Selisse Berry on LGBT Workplace Equality; Jonathan Lovitz on The State of LGBT-Owned Business; Mary Beth Maxwell on LGBT Youth and Transgender Justice.

Produced by: National Newsmakers Team
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