Gene L. Locke

- 4:30

Harris County Commissioner, Precinct One


May 23, 2016

Harris County Commissioner Gene L. Locke was sworn-in after the death of his friend, the beloved Commissioner El Franco Lee. Since taking office, Commissioner Locke has focused on upholding Commissioner Lee's legacy of service, by offering programs for seniors and youth. Also, Commissioner Locke is defining what it means to be a commissioner in an urban precinct, meaning he has much of the City of Houston and some incorporated areas. He has upped the ante by creating more opportunities to partner with the city on projects like street repair, debris removal, abating, or cleaning properties that have been declared a nuisance by civil courts and assisting with flood recovery, among other priorities. He has announced plans to repair streets leading to NRG Park before the 2017 Super Bowl, build sidewalks near schools in the Houston, Aldine and Spring ISD to give children a safe route to school. This year the Street Olympics, founded by Commissioner Lee, will commemorate 30 years and will be dedicated to Commissioner Lee.

Produced by: Houston Newsmakers Team
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