Roopa Gir

- 4:31

President, iEducateUSA


Jan 25, 2016

iEducateUSA is a 501(c)(3) organization that identifies and brings together motivated undergraduates to assist elementary and middle school students in underserved and underperforming schools to strengthen their math and science concepts and to nurture, educate and inspire future generations of doctors, engineers, scientists, and artists of our society. These additional tutors work alongside HISD teachers during regular class hours thereby bringing down the student-teacher ratio significantly. The HISD teachers use data to determine the student needs and then have the tutors remediate instruction. This allows the students to learn at their own pace and receive the needed intervention. In addition, the tutors promote a college bound learning environment. They come to class often with their college shirts and the students identify with them. They believe that they too can go to college and be successful academically. The students maintain a positive attitude and persevere in problem solving because the tutors encourage them.

Produced by: Houston Newsmakers Team
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