Robin Reagler, PhD, Executive Director - 4:30
Writers in the Schools
Posted Dec 22, 2015
Writers in the Schools ' WITS Digital is Writers in the Schools' newest in-school program, offering an innovative approach to "game-based learning" through the integration of creative writing and video game design. ' WITS is training students to become creators, not just consumers, of digital media. Students use components from their writing-characters, settings, themes, plots, and design their own video game based on their original stories. ' The deliverable is a completed video game. These are published online, offering students a digital portfolio and resume. ' It is not often that digital literacy and learning happens in a language arts setting, which makes our program unique. ' In an increasingly digital world, we are helping students to be ready for future careers, whether those be in science or arts. ' Since 1983, WITS Houston has impacted over 36,000 children and teachers in 350 Houston classrooms. ' WITS Digital is currently implanted in 7 schools, reaching 400 students. This summer, we will also be partnering with United Way of Houston to implement it in summer programs for at-risk youth.
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