Robin Reagler, PhD, Executive Director

- 4:30

Writers in the Schools


Dec 22, 2015

Writers in the Schools '?WITS Digital is Writers in the Schools' newest in-school program, offering an innovative approach to "game-based learning" through the integration of creative writing and video game design. '?WITS is training students to become creators, not just consumers, of digital media. Students use components from their writing-characters, settings, themes, plots, and design their own video game based on their original stories. '?The deliverable is a completed video game. These are published online, offering students a digital portfolio and resume. '?It is not often that digital literacy and learning happens in a language arts setting, which makes our program unique. '?In an increasingly digital world, we are helping students to be ready for future careers, whether those be in science or arts. '?Since 1983, WITS Houston has impacted over 36,000 children and teachers in 350 Houston classrooms. '?WITS Digital is currently implanted in 7 schools, reaching 400 students. This summer, we will also be partnering with United Way of Houston to implement it in summer programs for at-risk youth.

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