Brennan Mullaney of Team RWB on Helping Vets Connect with Community - 5:00
"My generation of veteran has returned to a very welcoming and supportive public. And what we try to do at Team RWB is give those folks - that civilian population - an opportunity to ... come out and get involved in these veterans' and their families lives to be part of that reintegration process."
Posted Nov 11, 2015
Military service members have a famous motto? -- "Physical fitness is the cornerstone of combat readiness". Rigorous physical exercise keeps our servicemen and women in top condition so they're ever-ready for any mission. And even after leaving the military, statistics show that many veterans continue to make exercise an important part of their routine, helping to ease the most challenging effects of reintegration to civilian life. With? Brennan Mullaney, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for Team Red White and Blue. Visit Team Red, White and Blue on the web, Facebook, or follow on Twitter.
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