Michael Pearce - 4:30
Read3Zero Luncheon Chair
Posted Sep 29, 2015
Read3Zero Literacy Organization inspires children to READ 30 minutes a day and WRITE their own stories, while providing publishing and leadership opportunities to our youth. ' At Read3Zero we embrace both sides of literacy, focusing on being a reader and a writer at a young age. ' The I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids annual publishing contest awards children for their academic and artistic achievements. We have published over 300 kids in the 33rd-12th grade since 2009. ' The act of being a published, young author or illustrator increases positive self-esteem and encourages our youth to become role models to other. ' This year, at our 6th Annual I Write Luncheon and Book Signing event, READ3Zero will acknowledge the works of 60 published student authors and 5 illustrators. Event Name: 6th Anniversary Luncheon and Book Signing ' Event Date: November 14, 2015 ' Event Time: 10 am ' Event Number: 713-845-5808 ' Event Website: read3zero.org
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