Efrem B. Jernigan, President

- 4:30

President: South Union Community Development Corporation


Sep 28, 2015

1. The re-start of The STEM Foundation program on Saturday, October 3rd. (This will be our 6th year of programming for a every Saturday Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program that runs from October through April) 2. The thought behind The STEM Foundation. (I work in the Oil & Gas industry and set out to better the numbers of minorities interviewing and getting hired - People from my community inside the 610 Loop don't know about the opportunities right in their city) 3. Since the industry doesn't do a great job of reaching out to inner-city students, "we bring the industry to the community". (We build a foundation of interest in 3rd - 12th grade students through weekly presentations from STEM professionals) We take a field trip once a month to let them see STEM in action. 4. All 4 components of STEM are studied with an hour and a half of project work. (Last year they did Robotics, built a Drone / Rockets, made videos and planned out our 350KW Solar / Wind Agriculture Farm that will be built on a Precinct 1 Regional Park soon) 1. In the US, African Americans make up "less than" 3% of the STEM jobs - The STEM Foundation has placed 23 students in a college / university to obtain a STEM career. (1 is graduating this year and will be a Computer Technologist) 2. Data from the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights states that AA and Latino students are much less likely to have access to Advanced Placement courses in STEM fields - We have exposed over 500 students to an AP educational environment to reduce fear and encourage them towards taking such courses. 3. Sunnyside is ranked 6th and 3rd Ward is ranked 15th as the most dangerous neighborhoods in American. - Our program is in 3rd Ward and we are providing inner-city kids a way out of danger and into success. '? Event Name: The "Virtual" STEM Foundation '? Event Date: October 3, 2015 '? Event Time: 9:30am '? Event Number: '? Event Website: www.southunioncdc.org

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