David Brady, Executive Vice President

- 4:30

Houston Zoo


Sep 28, 2015

You can help save animals here in Texas and all over the world! Here are just a few ways to take action and protect wildlife. And remember, every time you visit the Houston Zoo a portion of your ticket proceeds go towards saving animals in the wild! So, a simple zoo visit is a great action to take to protect wildlife! '? Reduce your use of paper to save forest animals like bears '? Recycle your cell phone to save chimps and gorillas '? Save butterflies and bees to save yourself '? Reduce use of plastic to save animals like sea turtles '? Become more aware of what ingredients are in the products you buy to save animals like orangutans '? Choose fish that has been caught in a responsible way to save animals like sharks and rays '? The average household uses 120 rolls of toilet paper each year '? There are more than 250 million cell phone users in the United States alone, and average lifespan of a cell phone is 18 month '? The average American will throw away approximately 185 pounds of plastic per year www.houstonzoo.org

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