Charles L. Savage

- 4:30

Executive Director, Fifth Ward Enrichment Program, Inc. (FWEP)


Sep 28, 2015

?Celebrating 31 years of continual service in one of Houston's most vulnerable and underserved communities. '?FWEP is a unique program which hires adult males as full-time mentors, campus advocates and front-line coordinators for boys, ages 12 to 19. '?FWEP's holistic approach to youth development is a unique program providing sustained mentoring with a comprehensive, after-school program '?Upcoming "Community Partnering Breakfast", September 17, at The Junior League, with theme of "Our Boys Matter!". '?Historically, more than 90% of FWEP youth are promoted to the next grade level or graduate from high school. '?98% of FWEP participants in the 2014-2015 school-year (145 of 148) were promoted or graduated from their respective high schools. '?FWEP male youth are part of group that comprises the largest number of dropouts, or potential dropouts, in HISD.

Produced by: Houston Newsmakers Team
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