Keith Krueger of CoSN on School Data and Privacy - 4:50
"Internet safety has been the driver around technology in schools, but privacy has eclipsed that as the number-one issue for parents ... we live in a mobile world where data is stored not in the principal's cabinet, not even in the server down at the school district, but up in the cloud."
Posted Jul 30, 2015
Every parent knows it's hard enough to keep your child safe at home, but now there's a new challenge when your child goes to school - His or her privacy might be in jeopardy. In a recent survey 79% of parents said they are somewhat or very extremely concerned about the security or privacy of their child's information. Those concerns have major implications for the use of technology and data in an educational environment. A discussion with Keith Krueger, CEO at the Consortium for School Networking. Visit Consortium for School Networking on the web, Facebook, or follow on Twitter.
Produced by: National Newsmakers Team
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