Glenn Magpantay Discrimination in the AAPI LGBT Community - 4:54
"We still need to fight for family recognition, family acceptance, so that our parents, as LGBT Asian-Americans and South Asians know that we are fully part of their families and the communities."
Posted Jul 30, 2015
Racism is a noted concern in the L-G-B-T community. This can include discrimination and bigotry. In the United States, ethnic minority L-G-B-T individuals may find themselves in a double minority --- where they are neither fully accepted or understood by mainly white L-G-B-T communities --- nor are they accepted by their own ethnic group. With Glenn Magpantay, Executive Director of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance. Visit Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance on the web, Facebook, or follow on Twitter.
Produced by: National Newsmakers Team
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