Dr. Michael Casserly, Council of the Great City Schools on School Testing Issues - 4:41
"There isn't really a standard for what's too many tests and what's not enough tests ... I think it's kind of a judgement call on a lot of people's part about whether or not we're spending too much time on assessment, whether or not it's telling us the right thing, and whether or not it's really taking away from instructional time."
Posted Jul 30, 2015
Between kindergarten and 12th grade that students in the United States take an average of 105 standardized tests. Student testing is a hot button issue in America today, with some parents wanting to opt-out of testing because they feel their children are taking too many tests. Are our children being over-tested? A ?conversation with Dr. Michael Casserly of the Council of the Great City Schools. Visit Council of the Great City Schools on the web, Facebook, or follow on Twitter.
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