Mea Williams

- 4:30

President and CEO Grace After Fire


Jul 24, 2015

¢Grace After Fire provides assistance to women Veterans and her family from all branches of the military and from all eras of service. •Grace After Fire Helps Women Veterans help themselves through Table Talk „¢ Color Me Camo; Peer-to-peer groups, Outreach to resources for needed assistance, Weekly Women Veteran connection and Yearly Veteran family events. •Grace After Fire is currently positioned in three cities in the State of Texas, however assistances are also provided to Women Veterans by phone and email from who live in other States. •Grace After Fire was founded in 2008. •Grace After Fire assist over 5000 women Veterans to date, 1000 every year. That means we average 3 women a day every day for 5 years running. •Grace After Fire is one of few organizations that has an all women Veteran team (Staff) that serves Women Veterans and her family. 832-456-7890

Produced by: Houston Newsmakers Team
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