James E. (Jim) Soller

- 4:30

Executive Director -- Rebuilding Together Houston


Jul 24, 2015

★ Rebuilding Together in Houston - a quiet, yet significant part of what makes Houston a special city: in our 33-year history: ○‹ nearly 21,000 projects ○‹ over 285,000 volunteer days of service ○‹ over $100M of no cost home repairs given to deserving elderly, low-income homeowners ○‹ helping hundreds of families each year ○‹ today the largest affiliate in a 166-affiliate national network ○‹ partners with major corporations, private foundations and public entities (federal, state, local) with $2.5-$3M annual budget ★ Why Rebuilding Together Houston is important: ○‹ helping elderly homeowners who have been part of the city's history to age gracefully in place ○‹ too easy for them to be forgotten or left behind; we owe them more than that ○‹ these people contribute to the collective memory and stories of people and neighborhoods ○‹ keeps the larger family from fragmenting further by maintaining the anchor home for many lives ○‹ aging in place reduces burden on social support systems, including nursing homes, can reduce medical costs,and lessens mental stress for the broader family in knowing that their elderly are in the place where they truly want to finish their lives on this Earth ★ How you can be a part of this mission of Repairing Homes. Restoring Hope. And Rebuilding Houston. ○‹ Just as IBEW and KHOU staff have done: form a crew of folks, volunteer to repair a house, and work with us in the Spring or Fall -- or really anytime you have a group ready to help ○‹ volunteer as an individual and we'll assign you to a crew or put you to work in our warehouse during Spring and Fall campaigns ○‹ Tell your friends about us: tell them to go to rebuildinghouston.org to learn more ○‹ Invest in Rebuilding Together by donating through our website rebuildinghouston.org ★ Our vision today is to double our positive impact on people, neighborhoods and the Greater Houston Community. Come, be a part of us. 713.659.2511 rebuildinghouston.org info@rebuildinghouston.org

Produced by: Houston Newsmakers Team
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