Cissy Segall Davis

- 4:30

Managing Director Miller Outdoor Theatre


Jul 24, 2015

Miller Outdoor Theatre is located in Hermann Park All performances are always free The Miller Outdoor Theatre season runs March through November Where is everyone going? Since 1923, Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park has been one of Houston's most beloved cultural treasures, a gathering place for the community and the site of thousands of memorable free performances. That's over 90 years of memories! Miller is unique in the United States, offering an eight month season of professional, artistically-excellent and culturally diverse entertainment completely FREE of charge to the public. This is the largest "always free" program of its kind in the country and it attracts hundreds of thousands each season. From daytime programs especially for young children to family friendly evening performances of classical music, jazz, ethnic music and dance, ballet, Shakespeare, musical theatre, popular concert artists, films and more, this is Houston's best entertainment value. What to expect at Miller Outdoor Theatre? Leave the neckties and high heels at home. Expect quality entertainment from around the world without the daunting dress code of a traditional theater. Miller Outdoor Theatre offers audiences a relaxed atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy one another's company as well as a great performance. The price is right. All performances are always free!

Produced by: Houston Newsmakers Team
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