Lida Vega

- 4:30

Heads In Helmets Spokesperson


Jun 23, 2015

?Heads In Helmets is a non-profit organization founded by The Spiva Law Group in Savannah, Ga. that promotes awareness of and prevention of serious head injuries in children. Sloan Bagley Hatcher & Perry Law Firm is the first national ambassador for Heads In Helmets. '?The Sloan Law Firm and Heads In Helmets donates thousands of free safety helmets to kids aged 4 to 14 and custom fits each helmet through special events in Northeast Texas and around Houston such as The Houston Creole Heritage Festival, El Centro De Corazon back to school events and Legacy Community Health back to school events. '?The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that U.S. emergency departments treat an estimated 135,000 children ages 5 to 18 each year for sports-related brain injuries. Most of these injuries are concussions, and the children do recover. But, in some cases, the injuries cause serious and long-lasting damage. '?The Sloan Firm will be at the El Centro de Corazon Magnolia Health Center on August 15 to custom-fit kids with helmets at the Back to School event. Facebook: and

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