Alfredo Gomez

- 4:30

Recruitment Initiatives at San Jacinto College


Jun 23, 2015

How is San Jacinto College creating an upward mobility for Hispanic students? San Jacinto College beings by approaches Hispanic students and their families at an early stage, before entering high school because we know that after graduation, the likelihood of pursuing post secondary education drops off significantly. This approach works and leads students to learn scholarships, financial aid, and flexible payment plans for course work. In most of the high schools we service, we have a full time Shared Educational Planner or counselor to assist students with their college transition and financial aid. In addition to having access to a career planner, students can take advantage of another large incentive, dual credit classes. What are some of the areas that Hispanic students need to focus on? Hispanic students have promising careers in fields such as petrochemical, health care, maritime, aerospace, technology, and STEM careers in general - fields where bilingual employees are needed. We believe that students need to understand the benefits of higher education, including better salaries, increased professional mobility, improved health, and better quality of life for family. How have you measured your success creating this ladder for upward mobility? We measure success with increase enrollment but more importantly with graduation achievement. In Fall 2014, Hispanic student enrollment at San Jacinto College numbered 49.4 percent compared to 28.5 percent Caucasian. In 2014, 1,228 Hispanic students graduated with a certificate or degree compared to 1,101 white students. This is a 35.8 percent increase in four years. The results look very promising.

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