NAMI Greater Houston

- 4:30

Glenn D. Urbach, Executive Director


Apr 29, 2015

?One of every five Houstonians (819,000, including 150,000 young children) has a diagnosable mental illness. '?Houston loses more than $5.6 billion yearly in productivity and annual earnings as a result of severe mental illness among workers and prospective workers. '?More people suffer from mental illness than from cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. '?NAMI Greater Houston sponsors evidence-based education programs, peer-facilitated support groups, community information and referral programs, and strategic advocacy efforts that enable families and individuals affected by mental illnesses to live healthy and fulfilling lives. '?Event Name: 10th Annual NAMI Walk '?Event Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015 '?Event Time: 8:00 am '?Event Number: (713) 970-4424 '?Event

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